We can accommodate reservations of up to 35 guests for sit down dinners or cocktail style parties at our Downtown & Uptown Cantinas. Ask to speak to the General Manager to book your event:

Downtown Cantina – 5 Mercer St. (416) 850 2855
Queen West Cantina – only reservations of up to 12 guests

Parties of up to 15 guests

Service options: Regular menu a la Carte

Parties of 16 to 19 guests

Service options: Limited Menu a la carte or Family Style

Large parties of 20 to 34 guests

Service options: Family Style only; allowing guests to enjoy our food centre table. We are unable to plate individually on parties of 20 or more guests, gracias for your understanding.

cocktail parties

Service options: Tostadas & Taco Platters only


EVENTS AND GROUPS OF 35 GUESTS OR MORE Please e-mail our catering & events department.

Downtown Cantina on Mercer St.

Main floor – 100 seated, 120 cocktail style
Tequila room – 12 seated, 20 cocktail style
Red room – 22 seated, 35 cocktail style

Cantina on Queen St. West

Main floor – 55 seated, 65 cocktail style


Family Style dining at Milagro allows guests to share our classic dishes. Family platters are served centre table. Unfortunately, we are unable to plate individually for parties of 20 or more. Choose 4 to 5 options for a full meal.


Guacamole 4 per guest

Mashed avocados with serrano, onion & tomato served with totopos & salsa

Ensalada César 5 per guest

A Tijuana creation; romaine hearts with parmesan, garlic & anchovy vinaigrette

Ensalada Costeña 6 per guest

Cucumber, mango, pineapple & avocado with serrano-cilantro vinaigrette


CEVICHES served in platters; salsa coctelera, corn tostadas & lime on the side

Ceviche de Pescado Tropical 7.75 per guest

Lime marinated snapper with mango, red onion, tomato, chile serrano & cilantro

Ceviche de Pulpo ‘Bar Tijuana’ 8.25 per guest

Tender octopus with fresh lime, chile chipotle, tomatillo & red onion

Vuelve a la Vida 8.25 per guest

Octopus, shrimp & crab with, fresh lime, tomato, cilantro, chile serrano


ENTRADAS regional specialties served in platters; tortillas & salsas on the side

Ribeye Adobado 10.5 per guest

Seared rib eye & double smoke bacon sautéed with 3 chile adobo

Carnitas ‘Los Panchos’ 9.25 per guest

Pulled braised pork with cilantro & onion served with fresh salsa

Mariscos Zarandeados 10.5 per guest

Octopus, Shrimp & tuna in achiote sauce with tropical salsa

Cochinita Pibil 9.25 per guest

Slow roasted pork in orange & achiote marinade with pickled habanero onions

Pollo Con Mole 9.25 per guest

Grilled chicken breast, house prepared mole poblano

Alambre de Res 10.5 per guest

Pan seared rib eye with poblanos, smoked bacon, red onion & cheese

Tinga de Pollo 8.75 per guest

Pulled roasted chicken stewed in tomato & chipotle salsa

Albóndigas del Patrón 9 per guest

Gouda stuffed pork & beef meatballs in zesty chile morita salsa

Barbacoa Pachuca 10 per guest

Slow roasted lamb in banana leaf, served with cilantro, onion & salsa borracha



Amazing hand held delicacies to enjoy at the table or during cocktail style events. Tacos & antojitos are served in platters & prepared with corn tortillas unless otherwise specified.

Tostadas Doña Flora 6 per tostada

Crisp corn tortillas with chicken tinga, refritos, panela cheese, crema & aguacate

Tostadas Plazeras 6.5 per tostada

Crisp corn tortilla with pork confit, refritos, warm tomatillo salsa, crema & queso cotija

Quesadillas del Comal 5.50 per quesadilla

Flour tortillas with tinga de pollo & Oaxaca cheese served with tomatillo salsa

Tacos ‘La Perla’ 6.5 per taco

Beer battered cod, pineapple slaw, habanero crema & pico de gallo, on flour tortillas

Tacos Adobados 6.25 per taco

Seared rib eye & double smoke bacon sautéed with 3 chile adobo & cilantro

Tacos de Hongos con Queso 5.75 per taco

Sautéed mushrooms, onions & poblanos with griddled panela

Tacos de Carnitas Los Panchos 5 per taco

Pork confit with, cilantro, onion, salsa de chile de árbol & pickled jalapeños

Tacos de Tinga 4.5 per taco

Pulled roasted chicken stewed in tomato & chipotle

Tacos De Alambre 5.5 per taco

Pan seared rib eye with poblanos, smoked bacon, onion & gouda style cheese

Tacos de Cochinita Pibil 5.25 per taco

Slow roasted pulled pork in orange-achiote marinade & pickled habanero onions

Tacos Rosarito 7 per taco

Sautéed shrimp with cilantro, refritos, crema, avocado slices and salsa rosarito

Tacos Zarandeados 7 per taco

Octopus & fresh tuna sautéed in achiote sauce, cabbage & pineapple-habanero salsa

SIDES 3.5 per guest per side:

Refritos – Refried beans with onion & jalapeños

Arroz a la Mexicana – Rice prepared with tomato

Papas Diablo – Potatoes with caramelized onions, chile morita & cilantro



Churros 3.5 per guest

Fried pastries with sugar & cinnamon served with cajeta caramel

Flan de Caramelo 6 per guest

Creamy cheese flan served with caramel sauce


To book a reservation of up to 35 guests, please call any of the cantinas & ask for the General Manager

Downtown Cantina – 5 Mercer St. (416) 850 2855


To book an event of more than 35 guests, click below & send us an e-mail:

Full Catering Services

Milagro offers full catering services at your home, office or at your preferred venue. Let our team plan, organize and serve any event, from an intimate dinner at your home, a Mexican fiesta, a relaxing cocktail to a Mexican themed wedding. For inquiries, send us an email to tailor a menu and proposal that fit your needs.

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